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How do I get started? How is filmmaking relevant and helpful to delivering the necessary content to my students? SHIFT’s highly praised and teacher friendly curriculum guide makes implementing media arts in the classroom accessible and relevant. SHIFT provides a complimentary curriculum guide to every teacher who participates in their professional development training or the guide can be purchased to implement independently.

The 244 page resource guide, Learning in Focus: A Curriculum Guide to Engage, Teach, and Inspire Students through Filmmaking, contains five instructional units broken down into succinct lesson plans and a supporting thumb drive containing over 30 youth-produced short films, and digital versions of every handout.

These units are:

  • Unit One: Filmmaking Bootcamp
  • Unit Two: Personal Narrative
  • Unit Three: Instructional Video
  • Unit Four: Public Service Announcement
  • Unit Five: Documentary

Each media rich unit consists of an average of seven lesson plans and two assessment rubrics and each lesson has been linked to relevant academic standards, including:

  • Common Core State Standards (CCSS): English Language Arts
  • International Society for Technology in Education Standards for Students (ISTE-S)
  • National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
  • New Media Arts Standards

Order a copy of Learning in Focus: A Curriculum Guide to Engage, Teach, and Inspire Students through Filmmaking.

Curriculum Guide: Grades 9-12
Curriculum Guide: Grades 9-12

Price: $75
Curriculum Guide: Grades 4-8
Curriculum Guide: Grades 4-8

Price: $75

Click below to preview the Table of Contents and curriculum samples from Unit One: Filmmaking Bootcamp and Unit Five: Documentary from this highly regarded instructional resource.


TOC Curriculum Sample


Filmmaking Bootcamp Sample


Documentary Curriculum Sample