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Educator Resources

Below is an ever-evolving list of resources we find useful and believe you will as well!

Click ‘Show All Resources’ to expand all resources or click ‘Show Resources’ under header to view only specific resources.

Filmmaking Essentials: Information about filmmaking equipment and general elements of the filmmaking process (also refer also to the Curriculum and Resources section at the bottom of this page)

Filmmaking Apps: Filmmaking applications to use on mobile devices and/or computers

Audio Making Essentials: Podcast Sites & techniques for capturing good audio in film production

Copyright For Educators: Resources that explain the legal issues related to the music, video, and pictures in digital projects.  Note: These materials should not be understood as legal advice.  For legal advice about a particular problem or concern, always consult a qualified lawyer.

Copyright Free Resources for Video, Music, Sound Effects & Images: Refer to each site for copyright related to the site’s media.

Editing Software & Tutorials: Tutorials on multiple software platforms used in post-production stage of filmmaking

Distribution & Exhibition: Resources about sharing student work with a larger audience and sites for uploading student work. 

Movie Media Galleries: Movies and other media projects produced by students, teachers, and professional filmmakers.

Media Literacy: Resources to help teach and strengthen students’ understanding of media literacy and their role as media consumers and producers.

Project-Based Learning: Resources to help teachers construct and implement project based learning experiences in the classroom.

Curriculum Resources & Lesson Plans: Digital media curriculum and lesson plan ideas for teachers to use and modify in the classroom.

Professional Development:  Sites with workshops or opportunities to enhance your teaching profession.