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Adobe Youth Voices

ayv-logoSHIFT is honored to be one of the longstanding, global partners of the Adobe Foundation. Our role in this partnership is to deliver the innovative Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) curriculum to our local teachers and students.  For the 2015/2016 school year, SHIFT will continue to facilitate media arts professional development to 20 school-based educators across the state of Utah who will receive an intensive year-long training experience dedicated to engaging youth in learning through creativity.

About Adobe Youth Voices
For nearly a decade, the Adobe Youth Voices program has brought partners and educators together to teach digital media-making skills to more than 200,000 youth in 60 countries. The mission of the program has been realized through educators committed to integrating digital media into the classroom, and as a result, thousands of youth have learned the ability to tell powerful stories of personal and social change through digital media.

What is next?

The success of AYV has made it clear that such experience needs to be available to any youth who wants it, and delivered in a way that responds to young people’s increasing need to connect, collaborate and share with others through their technology devices. In response to this need, Adobe will be building an online community where youth from around the world can gather to create movements of social change. Imagine what would happen if your students could collaborate with other like-minded media makers, social innovators and coders to realize a shared vision of social change? What kind of impact could that make in the world?

For more information about Adobe Youth Voices and its international impact, or to access site resources, visit the initiative online at:

Partners and Supporters