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Upcoming Workshops


Big Screen Science: Fostering Science Inquiry Through Filmmaking

Join Utah Film Center’s SHIFT teacher development program for an eight-month professional development initiative to train STEM educators (grades 4–12) how to facilitate the production of student-produced instructional and documentary videos. Big Screen Science participants will be trained to integrate storytelling principles and the filmmaking process to craft compelling digital stories aimed at deepening content learning, enhancing STEM literacy and exciting students about potential STEM careers. Framed by essential questions, this technology-infused training will allow teachers to explore how constructing cinematic narratives combined with intentionally designed lesson plans can increase student engagement, improve STEM skills achievement and energize the classroom climate.

Incentives include USBE professional development credit, Utah Core Standards-linked SHIFT curriculum guide, eligibility for a partial Educational Technology endorsement, and a one year Utah Film Center membership.


Initial Training: Early August 2017 TBA

Follow-Up Trainings: 2017-2018 TBA

Exhibition: TBA

Venue: TBA


 SHIFT Filmmaking in the Classroom Workshops

The Filmmaking in the Classroom workshops are two-day fully-funded workshops for educators and community youth leaders grades 4-12 interested in incorporating filmmaking and storytelling into instructional content. These hands-on professional development experiences provide 16 hours of in-depth direct instruction to teachers, providing them with an instructional skill set and media rich lesson plans to facilitate the production of content-linked documentaries, public service announcements, instructional videos, and personal narratives. Participants learn the fundamentals of cinematography, work in teams to produce short films, share ideas for classroom planning and integration, and learn how to use the process of filmmaking as an effective learning tool that motivates and inspires students.  Furthermore, educators are trained on equipment and software they have access to in their classroom, including Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, WeVideo, tablets, video & still cameras, and tripods.

Training elements include:
    • Two-day “filmmaking bootcamp” training
    • Comprehensive, standards-linked filmmaking curriculum manual that includes five filmmaking genre units and lesson plans, assessment rubrics, thumb drives containing youth-produced media, instructional videos demonstrating filmmaking concepts, and other additional resources
    • Access to online resources and support
    • Participants are eligible to receive USBE credit upon successful completion of the workshop

Schedule TBA

Details about SHIFT’s upcoming workshops and events can also be found by clicking on the icon below: