Founded in 2010 to introduce the joys of international and independent cinema to younger audiences, Tumbleweeds has entertained nearly 30,000 attendees through the annual film festival and year-round screening programs. Featuring stories from around the world, as well as providing engaging film and media arts workshops, Tumbleweeds has quickly become one of the premier film events in the state. In the next few years we hope to expand programming to include mini-festivals in cities around the state and to create an industry component to the festival to encourage the production of high-quality, independent films for younger audiences.


Tumbleweeds Film Festival
Utah Film Center presents the 6th annual Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Children and Youth September 23-25 at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center in downtown Salt Lake City. Tumbleweeds, the Intermountain West’s only film festival for children, presents new, culturally-enriching, curated cinema for kids ages 4-12. Audiences will see the best animation and live-action film from around the world, participate in media arts workshops, and get their wiggles out in a slew of physical activities designed to balance visual content and active play.

Monthly Free Screenings
Utah Film Center offers FREE Tumbleweeds film screenings year-round throughout the state of Utah. Visit utahfilmcenter.org to view the schedule.

Utah Film Center’s education team takes Tumbleweeds movies on the road and hosts free screenings for thousands of Utah school students. Using the power of film to teach media literacy, Tumbleweeds movies introduce ideas and stories to foster discussion about issues affecting young people today.


Utah Film Center inspires and engages diverse audiences to initiate conversation and community building through curated film exhibition, educational programs, and artist support.