320 S 300 E

320 S 300 E

Those coordinates became quite momentous today…

We signed a lease!

because they represent a new home for Utah Film Center Artist Foundry.

We are coming up on a year since Dallin and I dreamed up this new company and it has evolved and changed into something we are pretty excited about. Ok, we are REALLY excited about. You know that idea when it comes to gift giving, how it’s considered a “good” gift if you would be stoked to receive it yourself? Well, that’s what we’ve tried to do with Utah Film Center Artist Foundry. Our main question throughout this whole process has been “Would this help us become ____________ filmmakers?” (Insert your own adjective in the blank: better, more successful, smarter, more talented….you get the idea.)

We are set to open October 5, 2015 so keep checking back for updates as we get closer to that date!


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