The Spit Went Down!

//The Spit Went Down!

The Spit Went Down!

Llama Nation screened at Avrec last night and we had a great turn out for the indie documenatry feature. What made us even more proud was the fact that it was produced by one of our own, an Utah Film Center Artist Foundry Member, John Meier.

We had heard the buzz, we’d met the filmmakers, we had even watched the trailer, but the real question remained . . . was it a good movie?

With a good turn out of Utah locals, indie filmmakers, and friends of the crew, we screened what turned out to be a rather interesting, heartwarming, and hilarious story about people and their passion for llamas. One of the great joys of running an indie film co-working space is seeing our friends and colleagues create and share their work. Frequent burst of laughter, and the occasional sympathetic aww, made the screening an event that was special for those who attended, and hopefully equally as special for the creative minds behind the project.

We need more quality indie film like this made by Utah filmmakers.

What’ll it be next?

Filmmakers John Meier and Aaron Allsop ‘A’ing some ‘Q’s
More info about Llama Nation HERE


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