Meet in Meatspace

//Meet in Meatspace

Meet in Meatspace

One of the most prolific advancements that digital technology has ushered into our modern day is the ability to have instant and undivided communication with nearly anyone from anywhere. Such technology has facilitated so much within the common way of life. Likewise, communication in business and art has never been easier. If someone can’t make it to a meeting because they’re shooting a scene across country, you can just Skype them in! If a team of co-workers need to converse about the status of a project, but can’t find a free hour that aligns for everyone, there are only about a thousand different apps to to choose from which can easily handle group chat, content uploading, and task management. How incredible is that?!

There is no denying the importance of instant organized communication, and the use of new age tools is becoming the norm for low budget indie film projects. However a page from chapter eight of Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work hits home for the Utah Film Center Artist Foundry team. large bold type face the page reads: MEET UP IN MEATSPACE. Meat space, like, meat!? Yes, like meat! As in flesh or “in the flesh”. Below the large heading reads a quote from Rob Delaney, “you and I will be around a lot longer than Twitter, and nothing substitutes face to face.”

We happen to agree. Not simply, for the reason that we own and operate a so called “meatspace”, but we’ve seen first hand how numbers of local filmmakers with active social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Meetup, Slack, Wiki, GroupMe, FaceTime, and all of the hundreds of thousands of social and communication reared apps have come in to Utah Film Center Artist Foundry, talked with other members face to face, and before they knew it they had pulled the trigger on new project and were neck deep in production.

We spend so much time using apps and devices that are geared toward making life and work easier and accelerating the process of communication, but when our members get face to face, good stuff starts to happen and it happens fast! There is no substitution for being truly present and taking part in communal energy. Come join the Salt Lake City indie film community, get face to face with talented creators, and start making better films.


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