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Directing actors: the most neglected and misunderstood responsibility in a director’s job description. This comes as no surprise since working with actors is the hardest experience to come by as a director, and yet it is one of the most crucial.

This four week workshop will focus on developing the skills to get a meaningful performance from actors. Each director in the workshop will get the chance to run a scene with two actors. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to closely observe the other directors in the workshop as they direct their scenes, learning from their processes as well.

Scenes will be filmed in one wide shot without cutting between takes–the director will then be able to playback the scene, hearing their directions and seeing how they were taken.

Workshops will begin with a discussion of various elements of a director’s preparation, from breaking down a scene, communicating with actors, developing characters, collaboration, casting, and subtext.

Each week, two directors will take turns running their scenes for one hour each. Following each scene, there will be a debriefing and discussion of the scene.

The purpose of the Directors’ Workshop is to give directors of any experience level the opportunity to practice working with actors in a close and pressure-free setting where experimentation and even failure is encouraged.

4 week workshop. Limited to 5 directors. Ages 18+

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$200 // $150 for Artist Foundry Members (Members: Contact Artist Foundry directly to register)

Amy Redford
Amy RedfordDirector & Actress
Amy has directed music videos, television, and film. She made her directorial debut with The Guitar (2008), which had a theatrical release and played at various film festivals including it’s premiere at Sundance. She also shot a short film called DeLiVeRy with Ethan Suplee and Lukas Haas.
Amy has also acted in such films as Maid in Manhattan, This Revolution, Sunshine Cleaning, The Last Confederate: The Story of Robert Adams, and The Understudy, and on such television shows as Sex and the City, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and The Sopranos.
She is on the board of Sundance Institute and the steering committee of the opportunity agenda.


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