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This workshop will focus on both the creative side and logistical side of producing low budget narrative feature films. 

We’ll take a look at what producers do — what it is to build a brand, select scripts, and put together a team of trusted collaborators to help see your project to the final stage.

We’ll also talk about a number of potential challenges that producers can face on any kind of film project, and best practices for how to move forward despite them. 

Participants will also get hands on experience in learning how to break down a script to prepare for fundraising, building a business plan, and production.

1 day intensive workshop. Limited to 10 producers. Ages 18+

Thursday Night – 2/20/19

6:30 pm – 10:00 pm
$100 // $75 for Artist Foundry Members (Members: Contact Artist Foundry directly to register)

Dallin Cerva
Dallin CervaProducer
Dallin Cerva is one of the founders of the Utah Film Center Artist Foundry.
He studied Media Arts at Brigham Young University.
In 2012 he worked with the BYU Ad Lab to produce, direct, and edit a 30 second spec ad for Phillips LED light bulbs, which went on to win the Gold Addy Award and Judges Choice Award and the National Addy Awards.
In 2013, Dallin directed the short film Your Cocoon and You for which he won a student Emmy Award in directing.
For over four years, Dallin has been running the Artist Foundry which oversees the development of over 70 local filmmakers.
He has produced multiple short films and feature length films.
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