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You want to make a film. Great! Go do it!

With wide access to amazing video cameras and HD audio recorders, the only thing that should keep your feature or episodic series from production is a script that sucks.

No matter how much changes in the world of entertainment—and it changes from one day to the next—you can take comfort in the one constant: story always wins. This scripts-for-micro-budgets workshop is built around a very simple belief: a $50k film with a killer script will do way more for a burgeoning filmmaker’s career than would a $50 million budget and a lame script. Truth!

Some key aspects we’ll cover in the workshop:

  • Pre-production on a micro-budget project begins with the words FADE IN:
  • How to avoid self-censorship while being budget-conscious
  • The ten principle problems facing every low-budget filmmaker, and how to make these weaknesses story strengths
  • How to write inexpensive genre—even with VFX!
  • The Fast, Good, Cheap principle

We will take time to discuss techniques to approach production and post that can increase your chance of success, but the heart of this workshop is story, story, story.

You have a finished script? Bring it in and we can pound it into shape with a low-budget hammer. A great idea and no pages? Not a problem. Bring a treatment. No ideas and no script? That works too. Come and get some ideas on how to approach a script that you can take right into production.

4 week workshop. Limited to 8 writers. Ages 18+. $50 discount for Artist Foundry members. (Membership is only $100 / year, visit our membership page for more information.)


$150 // $100 for Artist Foundry Members (Members: contact Artist Foundry directly to register)
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Prerequisite: Screenwriting Part One – Build Your Story

Workshop Frequently Asked Questions

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More about Joseph:

Joseph Clay
Joseph ClayScreenwriter
Joseph Clay holds an MFA in Film Studies from Columbia University. While a student, the faculty selected his scripts for Best TV Spec and Favorite Feature honors. This led to a fellowship with Adam Brooks (Definitely, Maybe; Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason) and Working Title Films. He has co-written scripts with Mary Harron (American Psycho; I Shot Andy Warhol) and John Walsh (Pipe Dream; Ed’s Next Move). Most recently he wrote Winter Thaw, starring John Rhys-Davies, which premiered on BYUtv in 2016.

“Build Your Story” reviews:

“It completely changed how I watch movies, read screenplays, and write. Good stuff.”

“I will never write an outline again without incorporating some of the tools and exercises that Joseph teaches in this workshop.”

“It was a very comfortable environment that was both instructional, while also being loose enough to encourage comments and questions.”