Now hiring Education Intern

Education Intern

Starting June 1 through August 15th  2021; 15-20 hours per week 

For experience + $15/hr

Utah Film Center is seeking an individual who is eager to learn about nonprofit arts education program development, outreach, marketing, and operations. The intern will also provide critical support to the relaunch of our teacher professional development program for delivery in August 2021. 

This will be a broad, hands-on introduction to the basics of arts education management and outreach. The ideal intern will be passionate about K-12 education, film appreciation and media literacy, and interested in the nonprofit arts world.

The organization’s engagement, support, and supervision will be hands-on. We are a small nonprofit organization so communication, teamwork, time management, interpersonal skills, and goal setting are absolutely essential to our success. The intern will be fully integrated into our open office environment and will be treated equal to all other staff members. 

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Assist the Director of Education and Family Programs and the Curriculum Contractor on curriculum updates, teacher learning resources, and online and face-to-face delivery of our teacher professional development program, and
  • Assist the Education Admin Manager on operationalizing outreach, marketing, and registration of teachers into the Film Center’s professional development program. 

This position reports to the Director of Education and Family Programs and will be evaluated on attitude, time management, quality of work, and innovation. Additionally, this position will also be evaluated on the success in meeting goals and objectives developed at the beginning of the internship period. Weekly meetings for guidance are required.

To Apply
Please send cover letter and resume to