Writer-director Jeremy Hersh conjures a timely ethical drama with vibrant millennial energy in The Surrogate. Star and lead actress Jasmine Batchelor plays the over accommodating, Brooklynite, web designer Jess whose life is completely changed when she is enlisted as a surrogate mother for her two best gay male friends, Josh and Aaron (Chris Perfetti and […]


The Prince begins and ends with a crime of passion. Between these bookends is the story of a young man discovering his sexuality, finding love, learning to love, and finally becoming the person that he knew he was all along. Jaime is sent to prison for killing the man that he has secretly desired. Upon […]


Two outcasts from society, the drug-addicted Hulda and the thousand-year-old gay vampire Hjörtur, bond over shared experiences of loneliness, unloved affection, and a lack of direction in their lives. Meanwhile, an evil cult is trying to bring about the apocalypse, a nosy detective is investigating Hulda, and Hjörtur is cruising for men to meet for […]


The film follows four Israeli transgender teens over a period of four years as they and their families navigate the challenges of gender transformation and self-affirmation amidst the ups and downs typical of high school kids anywhere. The crucible of teen experience intensifies for these young people under the pressures of coming to terms with […]


Noah is a restless musician who spontaneously quits his current gig to go back home to Australia. Wandering around his hometown one night, he meets Finn, a trans man who helps run a center for the local deaf community. Noah offers to make music for the club night at the center, and this offer sets […]