Directed by Barry Cook and Sarah Smith Rated PG | 97 min. | 2011 | USA Recommended for ages 6+ How can Santa deliver billions of presents to the whole world in just one night? With a state-of-the-art, high-tech operation! So how could this incredible operation have MISSED one child?!? To Santa’s young son, Arthur, […]

KID FLIX MIX 2013/2014

Recommended for ages 4+ | 59 min. In English or musical/no dialogue Don’t miss this international collection of short animated films including “The Squeakiest Roar,” a favorite from the 2013 Tumbleweeds Film Festival. Curated by the New York Children’s International Film Festival, this program features films from from Australia, New Zealand, France, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, […]

WALLACE AND GROMIT: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Directed by Steve Box and Nick Park Rated G | 85 min. | 2005 | USA Eccentric inventor Wallace and his cunning canine, Gromit, have launched “Anti-Pesto” – a pest control business with a heart. When called upon by the dotty Lady Tottington to solve her rabbit infestation, Wallace tangles with her Ladyship’s would-be suitor, […]

KID PARTY MIX 2013/2014

Directed by Various Recommended for ages 6+ 68 min | 2012/2013 | Various In English or musical/no dialogue A kaleidoscopic showcase of the best short film and animation from around the world, for ages 6 to 12, curated by the New York Children’s International Film Festival. Program includes Academy Award-nominee Fresh Guacamole from renowned animator […]