Utah Film Center utilizes the power of film to educate, inspire, and engage Utahns transcending geographic, political, religious, and cultural boundaries to highlight human experiences from around the world. The vision of the Film Center is an inclusive, engaged, and empathetic community. Each of the Film Center’s programs – film programming, media education, and artist support – utilize the power of film to support human connections.

Utah Film Center is a pillar not just for cinematic and media literacy but also for the Utah Enlightenment.
Les Roka – The Utah Review

Donations over $60 a year receive priority access, and discounts to Utah Film Center events, including:

  • Mailed monthly program guide and Good Film Makes Better Humans sticker
  • Invitations to screening receptions, some with visiting filmmakers (as available)
  • Pre-seating to all evening screenings at The City Library and Rose Wagner screenings
  • Invitations to select Artist Foundry events and discounts to workshops
  • Vouchers and discounted tickets for each of our film festivals, Damn These Heels and Tumbleweeds