Tumbleweeds Field Trips

The Tumbleweeds Field Trips to the Salt Lake City Central Public Library is a Utah Film Center tradition. This field trip includes a screening of a film, guest artists and audience engagement, and a supporting lesson plan to extend the learning in the classroom. This field trip is always offered FREE each year to students and teachers. 

Plans for the 2021-2022 school year are to be announced as we carefully monitor federal, state, and local health requirements in addition to individual school district guidelines for field trips. Check back to this site frequently for more updates. 

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Utah Film Center Media Education programs are supported by POPS

About POPS
POPS (Professional Outreach Programs in the Schools) is an educational outreach program in the fine arts that provides a mechanism for Utah’s professional art organizations to assist in teaching the Utah’s fine art core curriculum in the public schools. Professional organizations match state revenues to support and enhance the delivery of art education through demonstrations, performances, presentations, and educational activities in the schools. The program ensures that each of the 41 school districts have the opportunity to receive services in a balanced and comprehensive manner over three years.

Utah Film Center POPS 2019-20 Final Annual Report

For more information contact Utah Film Center’s Media Education team at edu@utahfilmcenter.org