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Directed by: Various

Runtime: 86 min

Year: 2020

Country: USA/Canada

Rated: Not Rated

Language: English

Film Type: Documentary

Format: Digital


About the Drive-In

  • Tickets now on sale! Space is limited and tickets must be bought in advance – only 1 ticket is required per vehicle
  • BIGGER VENUE: Drive-in located in the parking lot of Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge at Alta
  • Gates open at 7:30pm
  • The film will start at dusk (8:30pm-ish)
  • The audio for the movie is broadcast through an FM transmitter (radio). If you don’t have an FM transmitter in your car you can bring a battery-operated stereo with speakers to hear the movie.
  • The movie is to be watched from inside your car or within your designated parking stall.
  • Masks are required upon leaving your designated area. Social distancing and mask-wearing will be enforced in all public areas.
  • Bathrooms are located at the Goldminers Daughter far east patio door.
  • Food and beverages can be purchased at the Goldminers Daughter Patio. Beer purchased there must be consumed on the patio. They will take food orders until 8:15 pm as movies start at 8:30 pm.
  • Picnic dinners are allowed. NO GRILLS.
  • If two separate households would like to be near each other we recommend arriving at the same time.
  • No dogs unless tagged by the Town of Alta or a service dog.
  • It gets chilly in Alta! Bring blankets and layers if you will be watching outside of your car.

About the Mountainfilm and this program
Mountainfilm on Tour is coming to Alta bringing a selection of culturally rich, adventure-packed, and inspiring documentary films curated from the Mountainfilm festival held every Memorial Day weekend in Telluride, Colorado.

We are excited to be playing three Mountainfilm programs at Alta: Big Green World Program on Friday, August 21; Indomitable Spirit Program on Saturday, August 22; and Adventure Program on Sunday, August 23.


We have a passion for the planet – celebrating the wild places, spaces, people, and animals that inhabit this big green world.

Directed by: Robert Gourley
5 min | 2020 | USA

Originally hired by the police department to exterminate bears that had overpopulated Mammoth Lakes, California, Steve Searles instead decided to teach the bears to co-exist with the town’s residents. “Nobody has ever been killed by a black bear,” he explains. “I know each bear individually in Mammoth from the time they’re born until the time they die.”

Directed by: Alizé Carrére
12 min | 2019 | USA

If we can’t beat ‘em, eat ‘em!” is the slogan of Two Rivers Fisheries in Wickliffe, Kentucky. Chinese-American entrepreneur Angie Yu exports wild-caught Asian carp, an invasive species in the Mississippi River ecosystem, to 11 nations where carp is much-appreciated. She is also working to instill a love for carp among Americans, despite its stigma as a “trash fish.” Scientist and filmmaker Alizé Carrère celebrates the transformation of an aquatic invader into an economic and culinary treasure, seeing it as a creative adaptation in an ever-changing world.

Directed by: Jacob McNeill, Steve Flood
4 min | 2019 | USA

When Will “Akuna” Robinson completed the Triple Crown of Hiking — the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail and the Continental Divide Trail — he gained entry into an elite group of hikers who have done all three. He also became the first African-American man on record to achieve the 8,000-mile feat. Robinson now aims to inspire other people of color to get out on the trails by crushing miles and spreading good vibes.

Directed by: Chris Cresci
11 min | 2019 | USA

In 2018, Save the Redwoods League purchased a magical 700-acre stand of old-growth redwoods in Sonoma County. Conservation has long been about keeping people out of places, but with help from communities of color, the organization is reimagining its role in a diverse, inclusive California. The area will soon be opened to the public and anyone can walk among these ambassadors from another time — some of which have been around since before the fall of the Roman Empire.

Directed by: Taylor Glenn
3 min | 2019 | USA

A wave in a river is a rapid that stays in one place, which means it can be surfed for a very long time. For Gannet Horn, riding that singular wave is an obsession.

Directed by: Charles Post
8 min | 2019 | USA

Once Caitlin Davis discovered the mountainous West, she knew she’d found home. After a childhood spent dreaming of working with animals and their environments, the raptor biologist now spends her days in Idaho’s sagebrush country studying how human impact affects golden eagles.

Directed by: Javier Fernandez
11 min | 2019 | USA

The Red Desert in south-central Wyoming is the largest unfenced area in the continental U.S. Its sagebrush steppe is home to sage grouse and pronghorn antelope, as well as several congressionally designated Wilderness Study Areas, which are being threatened by oil and gas development. Ultra-runner Clare Gallagher hopes to bring awareness to these environmental issues and share her love of the Red Desert through an immersive trail running experience.

Directed by: Nicholas Natale
17 min | 2019 | USA

The events at the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics — like the Four Man Carry and the Knuckle Hop — won’t be familiar to most Americans in the Lower 48. But they are both rooted in traditional Eskimo culture and pure Americana. “The native games, they keep us going every single year, and it’s something fun. We are connecting Western civilization with our ancestry,” one of the athletes explains.

Directed by: Whit Hassett, Chelsea Jolly
10 min | 2019 | USA

Runner Faith Briggs represents the new school of conservationist. No longer worshipping at the feet of Henry David Thoreau, conservationists today include women, people of color and indigenous communities — those whose love for public lands, diverse voices and journeys of empowerment fuel bold feats of activism. Like running 150 miles through national monuments at the center of controversial political maneuvering. Briggs, who once considered conservation a privileged realm, now dons the mantle with pride as she redefines its very definition.

Directed by: Anthony Bonello, Mike Gamble
5 min | 2019 | Canada

The fourth-highest mountain in the world, Lhotse has long captured the imagination of climbers. In 2018, professional ski mountaineers Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison attempted the first ski descent of the iconic Lhotse Couloir. The pair face all the challenges of Himalayan climbing at 8,000 meters — avalanches, the Khumbu Icefall, and sometimes near-zero visibility. But Nelson and Morrison embrace this risk-taking as a way to live in the moment and push self-imposed boundaries in pursuit of their passion.


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Friday, August 21, 2020 @ 7:30 PM10:30 PM MDT