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[/span3][span9] Directed by Deane Taylor, Noel Cleary (co-director), Alexs Stadermann (co-director), Alex Weight (co-director)
82 | 2015 | Australia | Rated PG
Presented in English
Recommended for Ages Ages 4+
Blinky Bill, a little koala with a big imagination, has his greatest adventure ever in this exciting and colorful animated film.
Blinky Bill lives in beautiful Green Patch, Australia, where he enjoys playing with his friends. He dreams of growing up to be a great explorer like his adventurer father, whose motto is always to help another animal in need. His father has been gone for more than a year, and Blinky Bill is the only person who is certain that he is still alive. Using some clues his father left behind, Blinky Bill sets off to find his dad and help him get back home.  
Along his journey through the wild outback, Blinky Bill makes two new friends—Nutsy, a koala who grew up in zoos and is experiencing life in the wild for the first time, and Jacko, a fast-talking, frill-necked lizard. His new pals help him navigate dangers, including a feral cat with a score to settle, and teach him that teamwork is the key to success for his mission.  
Note to parents: Some scenes in this film, where the cat threatens Blinky Bill and his friends, may be scary for young children. [/span9][/columns]
2016 Tumbleweeds Film Festival Films

Sunday, September 25, 2016 @ 11:30 AM1:30 PM MDT