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Directed by Mia Tate
90 min | 2018 | USA/Cuba | Not Rated
Presend in English/Spanish with English Subtitles

Post film Q&A with director Mia Tate and film subject Carl Oelerich.

Campesino is supported through our Fiscal Sponsorship program.

Two hours west of Havana in the rust colored fields of Vinales, famous for growing the best tobacco in the world, Carl Oelerich, introduces us to the Campesino life. For 15 years, sneaking into Cuba and photographing this culture has been his passion, returning to the same people year after year. It is through his relationships and his striking B&W images that we embark on this journey with a cast of characters whose candid conversations overflow with insight, hardship, humor and gratitude. Modesto, a 98 year old philosopher/cowboy with a mischievous twinkle in his eye and a handlebar mustache that would give Yosemite Sam a run for his money, Jose, a sweet family man and proud third generation cockfighter and Giovanni the charismatic farmer who is a killer salsa dancer and devoted practitioner of Santeria, these are but a few of the people that have inspired Carl over the years.

However, it is the growing bond with his best friend and “guide” Juan that has had the most profound affect on Carl. For Juan it’s all about family and Carl knows in his heart that their friendship won’t be complete until he steps away from the camera and brings his family to this place he has kept to himself for all of these years. Through the unexpected personal journey of Carl, Campesino, introduces us to a world preserved by time, on the brink of opening up, in a way few people will ever see again.

Official Selection: 2018 Montreal World Film Festival, 2018 Portland Film Festival, 2018 Bahamas International Film Festival

Featured, Salt Lake City

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 @ 7:00 PM9:00 PM MST