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Language: Various

Film Type: Short Film Program


82 min | Various | Not Rated |
Directed by various filmmakers

For the first time, Damn These Heels is proud to feature six short films from around the world. Showcasing a wide variety of stories and styles, the 2016 Damn Shorts Program is an 81-minute selection of short films specifically curated for this year’s festival.

Directed by Jake Graf
13 min | 2016 | UK

As dawn creeps across London, two lost outcasts meet in the darkness, more afraid of themselves than of each other.

Directed by Freddy Rodriguez
8 min | 2016 | USA

*Filmmaker Freddy Rodriguez will be present for a post-program Q&A.

The Collector obsesses over the work of artist Chris Lopez and becomes infatuated with one of his models, the Hustler.

Intrinsic Moral Evil
Directed by Harm Weistra
11 min | 2016 | Netherlands

This is a tale about identity and coming of age.  But above all, three dancers play with the viewer’s perceptions and expectations.

Perpetual (Mørke Rum)
Directed by Peter Ahlén Lavrsen
26 min | 2015 | Denmark

Perpetual is an unconventional love story that focuses on a private booth at a seedy sex club.

Straight A
Directed by Mariana Robles Thome
8 min | 2016 | USA

*FilmmakerMariana Robles Thome will be present for a post-program Q&A.

A young medical student struggles to come out to his traditional father after having a decisive fight with his boyfriend.

Cecil & Carl
Directed by Elvis Leon
15 min | 2016 | USA

Cecil has lived alone in a giant house ever since Carl, his partner of 43 years, was diagnosed with advanced dementia and admitted to a nursing home. Cecil & Carl is a study of commitment and the responsibilities that come with it.

2016 Damn These Heels Films

Saturday, July 16, 2016 @ 5:00 PM6:15 PM MDT