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Directed by Various
90 min | Not Rated

A largely dramatic/comedic shorts program focusing on a variety of awkward, funny, and quiet perspectives on gender and identity. See the work of some of the best emerging LGBTQ filmmakers and get to know their worlds.

Tell-By Date directed by Sarah Ball – 13:30
Ryan wants to tell his son that he’s transgender, but he’s nervous. He self-imposes a deadline to tell him.

Flash Flood directed by Alli MacKay – 6 min
In a dream, a flood washes over the planet, and reveals three unique perspectives on gender and identity.

Sammy the Salmon directed by Jake Shannon – 6:30 min
Upon realizing he’s gay, Spencer comes across Sammy, a talking salmon who offers to get his love-life on track.

Precious Stones directed by Luka Fisher – 4 mins
Artist Daniel Crook challenges men to think beyond toxic masculinity through his intimate paintings.

My Loneliness is Killing Me directed by Tim Courtney – 16:30 min
The story of a day in the life of Ayo, an LGBT Asylum seeker and his journey through Glasgow clubland.

Khadijah and Pauline directed by Lee Manansala – 5:30 min
On their 2nd date, Parisians Khadijah and Pauline discuss fashion, a grandmother passing, and coming out.

Boldly Go directed by Christopher Cosgrove – 5:30 min
A young gay man is hiding a secret about his body. When his crush makes a move, he must confront insecurity.

Misdirection directed by Carly Usdin – 14 min
Camila has OCD and a crush on her roommate. She must learn to refocus with a newfound interest: magic.

Horticult directed by Will Hamilton – 5 min
A fake documentary depicts a strange community of humans in 1970’s England who believed they had become plants.

Softcore directed by Varun Saranga – 7 min
Two bridesmaids form an unlikely connection over their bizarre sexual awakenings.

2019 Damn These Heels Films, Damn These Heels

Sunday, July 14, 2019 @ 1:45 PM3:15 PM MDT