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Directed by Will Allen
100 min | 2016 | USA | Not Rated
*Post-film Q&A with director/subject.

Just out of college, Will Allen, a young idealist filmmaker, joined a secretive spiritualist community led by a charismatic guru. With his camera in hand, he documented 20 years of living inside a cult that changed how he would see the world forever. Allen recorded everything, offering us a juicy and unparalleled look into the extreme ideals and expectations that make up this community, born out of Los Angeles, the city of cults. From total devotion turned to paranoia, the cracks began to unfold as unexpected truths were revealed about the enlightened leader they built every fiber of their lives around.

For the first time, Allen turns the camera on himself and asks fellow ex-cult members to come to terms with their past and the unbelievable deceit they experienced. Holy Hell leaves us with many burning questions, but ultimately this one: What are we willing to believe to sustain our greatest happiness?

Official Selection: 2016 Sundance Film Festival

RadioWestLogo_125x125RadioWest – January 27, 2016:
Director and subject Will Allen talks with RadioWest host Doug Fabrizio about the making of Holy Hell

Featured, Programmer’s Choice, Salt Lake City

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 @ 7:00 PM9:00 PM MDT