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Directed by David Sington
100 min | 2007 | UK | Rated PG

*Post-film discussion with Dr. Benjamin Bromley, professor in the Physics and Astronomy department at the University of Utah.

Filmmaker David Sington merges the magnificence of science with the compelling drama of the human quest for advancement with this fascinating and visually stunning meditation on the historic Apollo space program. In the four remarkable years between 1968 and 1972, American history took a defining turn as nine NASA spacecraft made the trip to the moon, and 12 bold explorers became the first men ever to set foot on ground beyond planet Earth. In this documentary, space enthusiast Sington allows the surviving crew members from each Apollo mission the unique opportunity to recount their memories of those missions in their own words as vintage, original NASA film footage offers a tantalizing glimpse of this extraordinary era in American history. Candid interviews with the astronauts reveal the sensitive and fun-loving souls whose fearlessness would lead a nation into a new era of progress, and audio recordings from Mission Control lend a newfound sense of poignancy to a variety of often recounted historical milestones.

Winner: World Documentary Audience Award—2007 Sundance Film Festival, Audience Award—2007 Maui International Film Festival, Audience Award for Best Documentary—, 2007 Indianapolis International Film Festival, Best Documentary—2007 Sedona International Film Festival



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Tuesday, February 9, 2016 @ 7:00 PM9:00 PM MST