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KIDNAP: Bo's Most Exciting Holiday Ever

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[/span3][span9] Directed by Diederik Ebbinge
87 | 2014 | Netherlands | Not Rated
Presented in Dutch with English subtitles

Recommended for Ages 9+
A kidnapping turns into an exciting adventure for 10-year-old Bo in this film that is both thrilling and heartwarming.
Bo, the only child of very rich parents, goes to an exclusive international boarding school. He can’t wait for summer vacation and the opportunity to spend time with his family. His excitement about a diving trip in the Caribbean turns to disappointment when he’s told he will have to go alone because his parents are too busy to take time off.
Before Bo boards the plane for his holiday, he is kidnapped by Olga, a scheming flight attendant, and Fred, a gruff, but soft-hearted, loser who must look after Bo until the ransom is paid. Things go awry, and Bo and Fred find themselves on the run to avoid being caught by Leo, a criminal who just got out of jail. Along the way, Bo and Fred forge a strange friendship that helps Bo learn how to stand up for himself and make it clear to his parents that spending time with them is the best present they can give him.
Note to parents: The film contains some strong language.
To enhance our young viewer’s appreciation of foreign-language films, we have readers red the subtitles aloud. We play the readings through individual headsets.

Saturday, September 24, 2016 @ 4:15 PM5:45 PM MDT