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Directed by: Various
Runtime: 55 min
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Rated: Not Rated
Language: English
Film Type: Documentary

This documentary program highlights the abilities and passion of young people and shows that there are no limits to what kids can accomplish.

Directed by Kristen McGregor and Jennifer Treuting
6 min | 2015 | USA
Moziah Bridges, also known as Mo, is a sharp dresser. He decides to put his passion for fashion into action by creating Mo’s Bows, his handmade bowtie business. And business is flourishing!

Directed by Elizabeth Lee
5 min | 2013 | Canada
Faith is the only girl on an otherwise all-boys hockey team. In Faith’s Goal, she lets her hockey skills show that she is an equal member of the team when a teammate says girls aren’t good enough to play with boys.

Directed by Jack Yonover
44 min | 2015 | USA
Twelve-year-old Jack Yonover, who is allergic to tree nuts, wanted to raise awareness about the experiences of kids with food allergies, so he decided to make the documentary That Bites! Through interviews with other young people with food allergies (as well as parents and doctors), Jack shows that while having allergies can be frustrating, making people understand what these kids go through can help guarantee they get to take part in all of the fun activities kids enjoy!

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