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Directed by Piet De Rycker & Thilo Rothkirch
75 min / Germany / 2004

Seven-year-old Laura has just moved to a new city with her family, and she is having a hard time finding new friends. Then, one night she watches a little star fall from the sky. She rushes to find the star and discovers it’s been hurt in the fall. With loving care, she mends its broken point — and it’s the beginning of a fantastic friendship. But, Laura soon realizes, that in spite of all the love she feels, she must let the star go and return to its home in the universe. If the star stayed on Earth, it would fade away. It’s a hard decision for Laura to make, but Max, a boy who lives next door, proves to be a great help — Laura forgets her initial reluctance and is happy to find a new friend.

Featured, Orem, Outside of SLC, Tumbleweeds, Tumbleweeds year-round

Saturday, January 11, 2014 @ 2:00 PM3:30 PM MST