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LITTLE GREY FERGIE: COUNTRY FUN! (Gråtass – gøy på landet!)

Directed by Peder Hamdahl Næss
77 min | 2016 | Norway | Not Rated
Presented in English

Recommended for ages 4+.

Cast: Elias Søvold-Simonsen, Stein Winge, Jeppe Beck Laursen, and Dagny Backer

Fergie is no ordinary tractor. Plenty of old tractors and vehicles have “souls”, but Fergie has an actual soul. Thanks to a magical spark plug that beats like a heart, Fergie is a living, thinking, feeling tractor! And more than anything else: charming and loveable! Fergie’s heart beats for his family and friends on and around his farm: best friend Gustav, farmhand Grynet, farmer Goggen and Gamlefar.

Official Selection: 2016 Kristiansand International Children’s Film Festival

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Featured, Orem, Outside of SLC, Tumbleweeds year-round

Saturday, July 8, 2017 @ 2:00 PM3:15 PM MDT