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Runtime: 60 min

Language: English

Medium, Representation, and Inclusion: Queerness in Art

This panel focuses on the significance of queer representation in art. The discussion will address the methodologies of representing queerness in film in comparison with the methodologies used by various other artistic media. Queer Spectra Arts Festival is dedicated to showcasing arts from multiple LGBTQIA+ perspectives. They hope to challenge and contribute to contemporary understanding of queer discourse while promoting a nuanced conversation between artists and audiences about queer identity and art.

Highlighted Work Below – More work coming soon
Please note that not all work is suitable for all ages.

Video / Audio / WrittenImages / Sculptures

Malachi Van Nice
Script, Short Form (click image above to read)

We Dance in Stop Motion
Performance: Nora Lang and Tori Meyer
Music: Nora Lang
Video Editing: Tori Meyer

Mantises are Flipping W.3
Choreography: Teresa Fellion in collaboration with performers
Performance: Iman Ayana, Zach Bergfelt, Corey Bliss, Mia DeWeese, Alex Jenkins, Monica Mordaunt, and Audrey Rachelle
Music: John Yannelli, in collaboration with Dominick Boyle, Emily Cardwell, Ryan Edwards, Chase Hawley, and Riley Smith (including live music by Dom Boyle, Emily Cardwell, and John Yannelli)
Costume Design: Ljupka Arsovska
Lighting Design: Tim Cryan

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Saturday, July 18, 2020 @ 2:00 PM3:00 PM MDT

Format: Live Stream