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[/span3][span9] Directed by Ted Sieger, Michael Ekbladh, Matthias Bruhn
70 | 2016 | Germany/Sweden/Switzerland | Not Rated
Presented in English

Recommended for Ages 4+
Join Molly Monster on a delightful journey in this gentle and imaginative animated film perfectly designed for young audiences.
Young Molly Monster’s life is about to change. Until now she has been the only child monster in her family—but a sibling is on the way! Soon Mama will give birth to an egg that Papa will keep warm while they transport it to Egg Island, where it will hatch. Molly can’t wait to go on the trip with her parents and even knits a bobble hat for her new sibling because she knows a baby monster’s head must be kept warm.
Molly is very disappointed when she learns she must stay behind. But when she sees that her parents have forgotten the special hat she knitted, Molly decides to set off on an adventure-filled journey through Monsterland, accompanied by her best friend, a toy named Edison. Along the way, she learns what it means to be a great friend and how to be a big sister. [/span9][/columns]
2016 Tumbleweeds Film Festival Films

Saturday, September 24, 2016 @ 9:30 AM10:45 AM MDT