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NO DRESS CODE REQUIRED (Etiqueta No Rigurosa)

-Utah Premiere-
Directed by Cristina Herrera Borquez
92 min | 2017 | Mexico | Not Rated
Presented in Spanish with English subtitles.

Presented in celebration of the 4th Anniversary of Kitchen v. Herbert ruling, legalizing same-sex marriage in Utah.

Victor and Fernando are in love and naturally want to take the next step. Unfortunately, in 2013 marriage equality is in its early stages and nonexistent where they live—in Mexicali, Baja California. They do not want to marry in more liberal Mexico City and are determined to fight for full citizenship at home.

Director Cristina Herrera Bórquez offers an intimate embrace of Victor and Fernando, two humble men whose love and dedication deepen and expand as the fight for their own rights joins becomes part of the greater movement for human rights for all LGBTQ Mexicans.

Family collages and stories of growing up gay in a macho culture are deftly interspersed with the legal proceedings. As same-sex marriage attorney Alex says, for a gay person the fight to be treated with full respect in a homophobic society begins at birth. Both men had to find and accept themselves, with or without the help of family, in order to find each other and create a loving relationship. Together, Victor and Fernando are poised to become brave pioneers and moving spokesmen for the movement.

Bórquez meticulously documents the seemingly endless journey through the bureaucratic maze meant to make the couple give up. Their dogged attorneys, Juan and Alex, patiently steer them around each legal obstacle. Devoted friends and family stand by them. The movement continues, but for one couple and all Mexicans, love wins!

Official Selection: 2016 International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, 2017 Frameline

Featured, Salt Lake City

Tuesday, December 19, 2017 @ 7:00 PM9:00 PM MST