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PIM AND POM: The Big Adventure

Directed by Gioia Smid
70 min | 2014 | Netherlands | Not Rated
Recommended for Ages 4+

Feline best friends Pim and Pom must find their way back to their beloved home in this adorable adventure based on a famous Dutch comic strip.

The impulsive Pim and more cautious Pom are best friends who love their domestic life with Lady. Lady’s nieces are coming over for a final visit before they move away, and they decide to take Pim and Pom to the park for a picnic. Actually the nieces want to keep the kitties for themselves and plan to “cat-nap” them!

Pim and Pom manage to escape and now must fend for themselves on the unfamiliar city streets as they try to get back home. Along the way they meet a group of alley cats who put Pim and Pom’s friendship to the test. With its charmingly stylish 1960s’ animation, this gentle, yet action-packed, film will delight children and adults alike.

Official Selection: 2015 Tumbleweeds Film Festival

Outside of SLC, Tumbleweeds, Tumbleweeds year-round, West Jordan

Saturday, April 16, 2016 @ 11:00 AM1:00 PM MDT