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Language: French

Film Type: Dramatic

SUMMERTIME [La Belle Saison]

Directed by Catherine Corsini
102 min | 2015 | France | Not Rated

During the 1970s in France, Delphine moves from her sleepy farm town to attend a university in Paris where she meets Carole, the outspoken leader of a women’s rights group. When family obligations pull Delphine back home, she must build a bridge between two worlds, one tightly restricted by traditional expectations and another that promises passion and liberation. In this world lies the possibility she can discover who she really is.

With sweeping views of the French countryside and stellar performances by Izia Higelin as Delphine and Cécile De France as Carole, director Catherine Corsini expertly examines the transformative possibility of love. Sometimes life turns around in the most unexpected ways.

Official Selection: 2015 Toronto International Film Festival


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