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[/span3][span9] Directed by Mark Osborne
108 | 2015 | France/Canada | Rated PG
Presented in English

Recommended for Ages 8+
This beautifully animated film offers a rare opportunity to experience on the big screen the uplifting charm of this treasured story by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
It may be summer vacation, but it’s all work and no play for the Little Girl, as her mother prepares her to enter prestigious Werth Academy. But that changes when the Little Girl meets her eccentric neighbor, a retired aviator who tells her the story of the time when he crash-landed in the Sahara Desert and met the Little Prince.
The two new friends spend a great deal of time together—without the Little Girl’s mother knowing about it—as the Aviator continues to recount the fascinating story of the Little Prince and the Aviator’s plan to set off soon to find him again. When the Aviator becomes ill, the Little Girl decides that she will do whatever it takes to locate the Little Prince for her friend.  

Mixing stop-motion animation with CGI, this magical film updates the beloved story while remaining faithful to the imaginative spirit of the original. [/span9][/columns]

2016 Tumbleweeds Film Festival Films

Saturday, September 24, 2016 @ 2:45 PM4:45 PM MDT