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Language: English

Film Type: Documentary


Directed by Morgan White
91 min | 2016 | USA | Not Rated

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore. And neither are Dorothy’s ruby slippers!

This intriguing documentary dives deeply into the Hollywood archives to explore the mythology of the magical pumps featured in The Wizard of Oz. What do they represent to the LGBT movement? How did Judy Garland become Dorothy Gale? Who was responsible for cataloging these shoes and other classic movie treasures? These questions are answered with the memorable slippers as the starring diva, but this film is about so much more when you pull back the curtain. Dorothy’s fans will enjoy this twisted tale featuring behind-the-scenes drama of “Old Hollywood,” the rise of the memorabilia movement, and the tragic story behind Debbie Reynolds’s dream of opening a costume and prop museum celebrating Hollywood’s Golden Era.

This documentary expertly weaves a tale of passion, obsession, greed, and theft. Using an artful mix of archival interviews and firsthand accounts, The Slippers introduces us to the costumer who found the shoes in a dusty bin on the backlot of MGM studios and relates the way they have been bought, sold, stolen, and treasured by owner after owner over the years.  Some consider the ruby slippers to be the most iconic piece of Hollywood memorabilia of all time, and they have fetched hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction. To this day, no one really knows how many pairs of shoes actually exist! Hot off the South by Southwest Film Festival and the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, The Slippers is a must-see film for movie lovers and the LGBT community alike.

Official Selection: 2016 SXSW

2016 Damn These Heels Films

Sunday, July 17, 2016 @ 12:30 PM2:10 PM MDT