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Wednesday, February 28, 2018
7:00 PM
Utah Museum of Fine Arts
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410 Campus Center Dr., Salt Lake City, UT, 84112

Directed by Sam Wainwright Douglas
74 min | 2017 | USA | Not Rated

Post-film discussion with Elena Shtromberg (Associate Professor) and Paul “Monty” Paret (Associate Dean Honors College and Associate Professor) in The University of Utah’s Department of Art & Art History.

Elena Shtromberg, Associate Professor in the Department of Art & Art History, and Paul “Monty” Paret, Associate Dean Honors College and Associate Professor, Art/Art History Department, will facilitate a post-screening discussion.

Through the Repellent Fence follows art collective Postcommodity as they strive to construct Repellent Fence, a two-mile-long outdoor artwork that straddles the U.S.-Mexico border. Postcommodity consists of three Native American artists who “put land art in a tribal context.” Aided by the communities on both sides of the border in 2015 the artists installed a series of 28 huge inflatable spheres emblazoned with an insignia known as the “open eye” that has existed in Indigenous cultures from South America to Canada for thousands of years. The spheres were evenly spaced apart and extended north and south of the border a mile in each direction. “It’s a metaphorical suture stitching together cultures that have inhabited these lands long before borders were drawn.”

The film provides an intimate glimpse into the arduous process behind creating an ambitious artwork that will give voice to the shared history and enduring culture of Indigenous societies that have made the region their home for thousands of years before a border ever divided it. Woven throughout this narrative thread are lush scenes using stunning cinematography to absorb viewers into striking land art environments that have preceded Post Commodity’s work. Scenes with other artists and intellectuals working in the land art realm provide context and insight as well. These include scenes with Chris Taylor of Texas Tech University’s Land Arts of the American West program, writer Lucy Lippard and Matt Coolidge of the Center for Land Use Interpretation.

Through the Repellent Fence is an adventure in the artistic process blended with a road trip of discovery visiting sites and diverse perspectives to explore how land art can generate community interaction and perceptual shifts in how we interpret, engage and draw inspiration from our natural world.

Official Selection: 2017 SXSW, 2017 MoMA Documentary Fortnight, 2017 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

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