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Tumbleweeds Clubhouse

The Tumbleweeds Clubhouse is free for all Library Square patrons and features over 20 craft and technology activities in The City Library’s Urban Room (main lobby) and The Leonardo’s Entrance Atrium. The Clubhouse is open Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm.

The City Library Activities

Do-It-Yourself Festival Badge - Utah Film Center

Snap a photo of yourself and get official with this badge making photobooth and customization station. A silly badge works just as well as a serious one.

You’re A Work of Art – Hand Drawn Photo Booth

Get your picture drawn by the Hand Drawn Photo Booth, a pretend photo booth “machine” operated by a real-live artist. The photo booth can draw anything in reality and from your imagination. Request a picture as a character from a film or let your imagination go wild!

Master the Moving Image – Salt Lake City Maker Faire

Phenakistiscope! Thaumatrope! Zoetrope! What the heck do those words even mean? You’ll make your own of each of ’em —and more!— with Salt Lake City Maker Faire, and become an optical illusion wizard.

One Fish Two Fish – Interactive Paper Mache with Maggie Willis

In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, join us as we create, paint, and decorate his famous fish from “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish” that will be part of a collaborative installation leading into the entrance of the Film Festival! All of the sculptures are made from upcycled and previously used (lightly loved) materials, so you can learn how to do this at home!

Indonesian Shadow Puppets – Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Shadow puppets are a beautiful storytelling art form from Bali. Puppets from the Utah Museum of Fine Arts’ Education Collection will offer inspiration as you craft your own moveable shadow puppet. Flashlights and a puppet theater will be on-hand to bring your puppet to life.

Swoop Station - University of Utah Youth Education

Swoop by the University of Utah’s Youth Education booth to decorate your own Swoop mask. Represent the U with pride! Enter to win a gift bundle that includes a $50 gift certificate that can be used toward youth education tuition for 2018.

Block Party and Suncatchers – Discovery Gateway

Blow off some steam messing around with Discovery Gateway’s giant blocks. A good post-film stress reliever. Discovery Gateway will also be making suncatchers out of tissue paper and construction paper. A fun craft for younger kids!”

Junk Sculpture Marionettes – Clever Octopus

Build dancing animals, robots, and aliens with found materials, then make a video of them dancing on our fun backgrounds using your phone!

Foil Boats Challenge – The City Library

Using only aluminum foil and your imagination, create a boat that can hold the most marbles before sinking.

Wind Tunnel – The City Library

Kids and their families can experiment with the power of the wind as they create devices and watch them fly in a wind tube.

DIY for Me - Craft Lake City

Craft Lake City will be bringing their artistry and know-how in an interactive project that you can take home, details to come!

Typed Stories While You Wait – Poem Pros

These typists are the Poem Pros, waiting to type up any story you want on the spot. Tell them what's on your mind and they'll get to work.

The Leonardo Activities

Brains! Braaaaains! - University of Utah Neuroscience Department

Want to touch a real human brain? Or see what they look like through a microscope? The Neuroscience Program at the University of Utah will be presenting all manner of brain-based shenanigans, and will challenge you to brain teasers as well.

DIY Mini Lightsabers! – Utah Film Center

Learn how to make your very own mini light saber using batteries, LED lights, straws and tape. Kids will learn how to create their own (and fun stuff like basic electric circuitry! Yeah!). Great for future Jedi and electrical wizards alike!

Mind-Blowing Apps - Utah Film Center

Check out a vareity of cutting-ege interactive and augmented reality applications on tablets. Learn the latest music, robotics, movies, and drawing technolgies.

Virtual Reality Storytelling - Documentarian Carol Dalrymple

Documentaries bring us real stories, but how do virtual reality documentaries work? Feel what it's like to be immersed the story with 360 documentarian Carol Dalrymple of KUED.

Defend The Earth - Clark Planetarium

Clark Planetarium produces video games and dome movies that are sold all around the world.  The Defend The Earth video game is a fun way for people of all ages to see how they do protecting the Earth from an extinction level meteor event like the dinosaurs experienced.  It uses real solutions that have been suggested by scientists.  Check out Clark Planetarium and see if you can defend the Earth!  

Playful Corp. Presents

Playful Corp is on a mission to bring joy to the world, one game at a time, bringing characters and stories to life in ways never before possible. "Star Child" is Playful's sci-fi cinematic platformer coming to PlayStation VR in 2018. “Super Lucky’s Tale", a launch title for the Xbox One X, is a delightful playground platformer featuring a lovable fox named Lucky.

Lights, Camera, Action - The Leonardo

Pop into the Leonardo for a multi-station hands-on experience in Mini Movie Making: Green Screen, Zoetrope, Animation, Storyboarding and all manner of jumping about! What is a story you want to tell? We will show you how to begin to tell it as a movie!

Drawing Donkeys - The Leonardo

Look out for drawing donkeys around the Leonardo: art, tech, and science-based stations where you can create images of what you see around the exhibit. Draw, shape, design!

Typed Stories While You Wait - Poem Pros

These typists are the Poem Pros, waiting to type up any story you want on the spot. Tell them what's on your mind and they'll get to work.

TWDS 2018

Saturday, March 3, 2018 @ 10:00 AM5:00 PM MST