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[/span3][span9] Directed by Various Filmmakers
75 | 2016 | Various Countries | Not Rated
Program run time: 65 min

Recommended for Ages 7+
This engaging collection of animated short films from around the world features stories about the beauty and power of nature, amusing tales about some of our furry and feathered friends, and a mismatched group of quirky characters. The films are recommended for children seven and older.
5 min | 2016 South Africa |No dialogue
Directed by Brent Dawes
A lightning storm plays havoc with Giraffe’s nerves.
2 min | 2014 | Iran | No dialogue
Directed by Mehdi Alibeygi
A badminton shuttlecock has fallen in the corner of the pitch. A tiny bird comes along and mistakes the shuttlecock for his mate.
4 min | 2015 | Germany | No dialogue
Directed by Julia Ocker
The wolf is wandering through the woods, trying to find a peaceful spot to practice his secret hobby. Then a spectator shows up in the bushes.
The Red Herring
7 min | 2015 | Finland/Ireland | No dialogue
Directed by Leevi Lemmetty
An animated comedy about a group of penguins who get too greedy for their own good.
6 min | 2015 | USA | No dialogue
Directed by Devin Bell
In a scorched desert forest, three burnt plant creatures encounter something green.
3 min | 2014 | Germany | No dialogue
Directed by Susan Hoffman
The story of a gray lynx that doesn’t quite fit into a world of colorful animals.
Norma’s Story
6 min | 2015 | Canada | English and Gwich’in dialogue
Directed by Alex Hawley
This moving short describes the effects of climate change on the environment, culture, and food security of the Vuntut Gwitch’in people of the northern Yukon as seen through the eyes of Norma Kassi.
Cinema Dehors
3 min | 2014 | Australia/Russia | No dialogue
Directed by Filippo Rivetti, Tatiana Poliektova
Living in the modern world, we are so busy with our daily routines and so addicted to technology that sometimes we forget that the real beauty of this world is right in front of our eyes.
The Martian
7 min | 2015 | Latvia/Estonia | No dialogue
Directed by Nils Skapāns
A boy wins a new toy in a claw machine—an ordinary Martian doll. It turns out that things are not that simple, however. The boy suddenly finds himself on Mars and has to fight with a whole bunch of Martians.
4 min | 2015 | Finland | No dialogue
Directed by Anni Oja
In a town whose male inhabitants all sport a moustache, a ferocious struggle erupts between two men who want to determine once and for all who has the most handsome and formidable one.
Cats & Dogs
6 min | 2015 | Switzerland/Germany | No dialogue
Directed by Jesús Pérez, Gerd Gockell
What is friendship and how does it come about?
Mr. Hublot
12 min | 2013 | Luxembourg | No dialogue
Directed by Laurent Witz
Mr. Hublot is a withdrawn, idiosyncratic character with obsessive compulsive disorder, scared of change and the outside world. Robot Pet’s arrival turns his life upside down: suddenly, he has to share his home with this very invasive companion.

Sunday, September 25, 2016 @ 10:00 AM11:20 AM MDT