PICTURE OF HIS LIFE2020-08-18T00:48:19-06:00
Directed by: Yonatan Nir & Dani Menkin
Runtime: 72 min
Year: 2019
Country: Israel/USA/Canada
Rated: Not Rated
Language: English, Hebrew, & Inuktitut
Subtitles: English
Format: Streaming

Amos Nachoums one of the greatest underwater photographers of all times. Fascinated by the most fearsome creatures on Earth, he has developed a unique approach, that puts him face to face with his subjects, without any protection. He swam with crocodiles and killer whales, with anacondas and with great white sharks but one major predator has always eluded him, the Polar bear. He tried before and barely escaped, but now, after four decades in the wilderness, Amos is determined to give it one last shot

As the journey unfolds, Amos contemplates the series of unspoken events that drove him here, to the end of the world. It has been a long and painful journey, after serving in an Israeli Elite Commando unit during the Yom Kippur War and witnessing the horrors of war, but where others find fear, Amos finds redemption.

Amos Nachoum’s photos and essays have appeared in hundreds of publications around the world, including National Geographic, Time, Life, The New York Times, Condé Nast Traveler, Terra Sauvage, Der Spiegel, and many more. His work has been included in the books “The Living Ocean”, “The World of Nature”, and “Oceans”. His photography has won Nikon, Communication Arts, and BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards. Amos was honored with the International SeaKeeper of the Year 2019, an award that has previously been given to James Cameron, Prince Albert, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Jean-Michel Cousteau, among others.

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Official Selection:
2020 Mountafilm Festival
2019 Doc Aviv Film Festival
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