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Directed by: Lara Jean Gallagher
Runtime: 88 min
Year: 2019
Country: USA
Rated: Not Rated
Language: English
Format: Streaming
Cast: Otmara Marrero, Sydney Sweeney, Will Brittain, & Sonya Walger

Available only in the US.

Reeling from a one-sided breakup, anguished Karen (Otmara Marrero) flees Los Angeles for her ex’s idyllic lake house in the Pacific Northwest. There, she becomes entangled with a mysterious, alluring younger woman (Sydney Sweeney), whom she cannot seem to resist. Equal parts psychological thriller and sexual coming-of-age story, Clementine is a tense rumination on who to love and how to let go.

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Official Selection:
2019 Tribeca Film Festival
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