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Directed by: Judy Naidoo
Runtime: 85 min
Year: 2019
Country: South Africa
Rated: Not Rated
Recommended for ages: 12+
Cast: Aaqil Hoosen, Shaan Nathoo

Available only in the US.

Ticky, a scrawny kid with boundless energy and street smarts, lives in a Bollywood dream world where he’s an invincible action hero. His partner in crime is his imaginative, somewhat nerdy best friend Baboo. Determined to rid their community and their families of the evil crime boss Raja, the two 9-year-old misfits soon discover that they have a lot to learn from each other. A furious chronicle of their escapades, the film pays tribute to classic Bollywood movies and their legendary heroes.

** Content advisory: This film’s story includes Bollywood-style violence, weapons, a plotline including drug dealing, race and gender discrimination, and mild cursing on multiple occasions. Even so, at its heart, this is a joyful film about innocent childhood friendship and adventure. **

Official Selection:
2019 Children's Film Festival Seattle
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