Utah Film Center inspires and engages diverse audiences to initiate conversation and community building through curated film exhibition, educational programs, and artist support.


The best things in life are free—including over 86% of our programming!
Utah Film Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, continually strives to bring our community together through the powerful and efficient medium of film. We reach more than 30,000 film lovers annually through:

  • Free screenings of documentary, independent, and dramatic films
  • Two annual film festivals
  • Post-film Q&As and discussions with visiting artists and professionals
  • Professional development for teachers to use film and digital media in the classroom
  • Programs for students to learn about storytelling through film
  • Artist support through fiscal sponsorship

These ongoing programs raise awareness among and inspire audiences while preserving the cinematic culture in Utah. We provide a curated platform for independent voices year-round.

We collaborate with educational and community organizations–including the University of Utah, the Natural History Museum of UtahKUER, and the Sundance Institute–to promote a diversity of ideas, provide forums for underrepresented groups, and develop new audiences for film.  Our venues in Salt Lake City include the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, the Salt Lake City Public Library, and the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. Our Utah Film Circuit and Traveling Tumbleweeds programs engage audiences in Moab, Ogden, Orem, and West Jordan.

Additionally, we curate and organize two film festivals every year. Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Children and Youth is the only festival of its kind in the Intermountain West, catering to our community’s youngest moviegoers and fostering the next generation of filmmakers and film fans. Our longest-running program, the Damn These Heels film festival, is a forum in which LGBT issues, ideas, hopes, dreams, and art are explored. Both Tumbleweeds and Damn These Heels have expanded to include year-round monthly screenings.

Officers & Staff

Geralyn Dreyfous
Founder/Board Chair

Elisabeth Nebeker
Executive Director
enebeker [at] utahfilmcenter [dot] org

Penny Frates
Operations Director
pfrates [at] utahfilmcenter [dot] org

Patrick Hubley
Programming Director
phubley [at] utahfilmcenter [dot] org

Josh Levey
Marketing Director
jlevey [at] utahfilmcenter [dot] org

Mariah Mann Mellus
Development Director
mmellus [at] utahfilmcenter [dot] org

Suzi Montgomery
Education Director
smontgomery [at] utahfilmcenter [dot] org

Meghan Horner
Grants Manager
mhorner [at] utahfilmcenter [dot] org

Carly Nelson
Programming Operations Manager
cnelson [at] utahfilmcenter [dot] org

Maxime Coué
Creative Services Lead
mcoue [at] utahfilmcenter [dot] org

Davey Davis
Film Program Coordinator
ddavis [at] utahfilmcenter [dot] org

Jeff Horne
Systems Coordinator
jhorne [at] utahfilmcenter [dot] org

Melissa Kinney
Marketing Coordinator
mkinney [at] utahfilmcenter [dot] org

Leslie Means
Education Coordinator
lmeans [at] utahfilmcenter [dot] org

Nancy Rivera
Development & Events Coordinator
nrivera [at] utahfilmcenter [dot] org

Sarah Mohr
Office Coordinator & Executive Assistant to Geralyn Dreyfous
smohr [at] utahfilmcenter [dot] org

Mike Patterson
Screening Host
mpatterson [at] utahfilmcenter [dot] org

Danny Schmidt
Education Producer
dschmidt [at] utahfilmcenter [dot] org


Geralyn Dreyfous, Chair / Founder
Hamid Adib
Pete Ashdown
Robert Austin
Louis Borgenicht
Jim Bradley
Deanna Byck
Erik A. Christiansen
Lisa Cluff
Lynn Dougan
Josette Formosa-Ryan
Alexandra Fuller
Nicole Guillemet, Founder Emeritus
Karen Hale
James Huntsman
Rochelle Kaplan
James Morgese
Heidi Prokop
Todd Rankin
Matthew Rojas
Byron Russell
William Stern
Susan Swartz
Kathryn Toll, Founder Emeritus

Financial Records

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