Directed by Jeanne Hallacy

**Bo Kyi, recipient of the 2008 Human Rights Watch Defender Award will be in attendance for a post-film discussion moderated by Troy Williams, Executive Producer of KRCL’s RadioActive.

The film follows the stories and sacrifices of former political prisoner Bo Kyi and an underground team who work tirelessly and often at great risk on behalf of their jailed colleagues.

It illuminates the profoundly inspiring political vision of many recently released prisoners, at a time when Burma is just beginning historical change towards democratic reform.

And it shows why the prisoners’ moral courage and leadership will be vital during the fragile period ahead in a Burma on the cusp of change.

‘Into the Current’ deepens our understanding of the long Burmese quest to replace dictatorship with a modern democracy that respects human rights and ensures lasting peace in ethnic areas impacted by war and gross human rights abuses.

The film poses key questions about the legal and institutional reforms needed to end political repression and torture. It looks at how key leader Aung San Suu Kyi can contribute to lasting change with her candidacy in upcoming elections — and it shows just why it is so vital now that the polls are free and fair.

For more information about Bo Kyi take a look at this New Yorker article from 2008.

Presented in partnership with the Burma Humanitarian Mission.

Sponsored by the Lawrence T. Dee and Janet T. Dee Foundation, the Marriner S. Eccles Foundation, eBay Foundation, and the Salt Lake City Arts Council.

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