Saturday, August 18 @ 2:00 PM | Dansante Building (59 S 3100 W) – Logan

Directed by Julian Fellowes
UK | 2009 | 95 min.

With World War II finally coming to an end and his father still missing in action, 13-year-old Tolly is sent to stay with his grandmother, Linnet Oldknow, on the family’s sprawling ancestral estate. It has been years since Tolly has seen his grandmother due to a rift in the family, and he is saddened to learn that the was has taken its toll on the fmaily home as well: the once-majestic mansion may not belong to the Oldknow family much longer. With the threat of foreclosure looming, Tolly sets out to reacquaint himslef with the grounds of Green Knowe and unexpectedly stumbles on a few other members of his family – ones who lived more than a century before! Mysteriously able to travel back and forth in time, Tolly finds himself experiencing firsthand the events of the past that have the power to unlock an age-old family mystery.

This thrilling ghost story is based on the classic children’s book The Chimneys of Green Knowe, by Luvy M. boston. Director and screenwriter Julian Fellowes (Creator of Downtown Abbey, who won an Academy Award for writing Gosford Park) has crafted an enchanting film that shifts seamlessly from austere war=torn Britian to a vibrant and jeweled past. FROM TIME  TO TIME is a grippingly suspenseful, elegant, and enduring story about the importance of equality and the network of ties that bind families.

Winner, Best of Fest – 2009 Chicago International Children’s Film Festival / Winner, Adults Jury Award – 2009 Chicago International Children’s Film festival / Winner, Futurewave Youth Special Jury Award / 2010 Seattle International Film Festival

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