2020 has been a perfect storm of divisive issues coming to a head: racial injustice, climate change, politics and a global pandemic to name a few. There is no easy solution to any one of these problems that is sowing discord at every turn. But we have to start somewhere. Through awareness, self-reflection, building tolerance and leaning into tough conversations, we can be catalysts for positive change.

Utah Film Center believes strongly in the power of film to encourage empathy, confront uncomfortable truths, process challenging issues, and foster respect for our fellow man. It is with that belief that we have decided to open our drive-in screenings to everyone free of charge for the remainder of the season.

We want more than anything for families and friends to enjoy the energy of a communal viewing experience (from a safe physical distance) and start a discussion that lasts well into the evening with the people closest to you. Let’s do the work to break down perceived walls and get to a point where we can work side by side and truly listen to one another.

So please join us at the drive-in for a night out with your family and let’s all be the spark for positive change. For those who have already purchased tickets, look for an email with refund information.

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