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The Utah Film Center is thrilled to present the 4th annual Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Children and Youth. The 2014 festival features independent, documentary, and foreign feature-length films and short film, March 14-16 at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center and the City Library in Salt Lake City, and the Park City Library in Park City.


To enhance our young viewers’ appreciation of foreign-language movies, we have readers read subtitles aloud. We play the readings through individual headsets, to allow those who do not require the service to experience the film without hearing the reader. We have a limited number of headsets, and offer them on a first-come, first-served basis to young people only.


2014 Tumbleweeds 10 Movie Pass Only $40


Best Picture

Sorenson Legacy Foundation

Best Director

Zions Bank

Best Performance Leading Role

George S. and Delores Dore Eccles Foundation

George S. and Delores Dore Eccles Foundation

Best Performance Supporting Role

Adobe Youth Voices

Best Cinematography

Girl Scouts of Utah

Spy Hop

Best Production Design
City Weekly
Downtown Alliance
John and Marcia Price Family Foundation
90.9 KRCL
Listen Technologies
Slug Magazie

Best Visual Effects
R. Harold Burton Foundation
Rocky Mountain Power Foundation
Salt Lake City Special Events Fund

Gold Family Sponsors
Edee & Max Chang
Analecia, Zeke, Lucien, E. Byrd,
& Evelyn Dumke
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Edwin Otterstrom-Young
The Porter Family
Caroline Stewart


All Ages8+10+12+

Films listed below by Age Recommendation




Recommended for All Ages



Directed by Various

52 min | Various | Multinational

Presented in English

Filled with humor and energy, this delightful collection of short films offers fun for the whole family!



Directed by Monica Stefanelli

6:34 | 2013 | USA

Elephants are the only animals unable to jump, but that doesn’t stop a baby elephant from trying.


Directed by Sona Jho

1:34 | 2012 | USA

A modern and humorous take on a classic nursery rhyme.


Directed by Jackie Marion

4:04 | 2013 | USA

When Mac the squirrel finds a giant acorn, he wants to keep it all to himself. But what if sharing helps him enjoy the acorn more?


Directed by Akiko McQuerrey

5:00 | 2012 | USA

Meet Papa Cloudy whose tears make rain and who helps fix broken hearts.


Directed by Fabrice Luang-Vija

4:00 | 2012 | France

Filled with action, music and dance, this is the story of a chicken who falls in love with an elephant while keeping her eggs safe from a snake.


Directed by Leonid Shmelkov

5:00 | 2012 | Russia

It’s playtime for a group of imaginary creatures, who love to hop in and out of holes.


Directed by Rihu Unt

5:00 | 2013 | Estonia

When Miriam’s younger brother becomes stuck in a tree while flying a kite, she must figure out how to rescue him.


Directed by Brent Dawes

5:00 | 2013 | South Africa

A fish that loves playing with bubbles does its best to stop the bubbles from reaching the surface of the water where they pop and burst. Will the fish succeed?


Directed by Natalia Chernysheva

5:42 | 2012 | Russia

A boy in Africa receives a paper snowflake in the mail and wakes up to find the savanna desert has been transformed into a winter wonderland!


Directed by Evalds Lacis

10:00 | 2013 |Latvia

When a pair of hedgehogs wakes to find their forest home has been transformed into a city, they come up with a plan to get their home back.

Date Theater Buy Tickets
Saturday, March 15, 2014 Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center 11:00 AM
Sunday, March 16, 2014 Downtown SLC City Library 4:00 PM

/// Ernest et Célestine

Directed by Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar, Benjamin Renner

80 min | 2014 | France

Presented in French with English subtitles (French version)

Presented in English (English version)

“Mice and bears can never be friends,” according to the rules in the charming world of Ernest and Celestine. Celestine is a young mouse in an underground land where cautionary tales of bears are told and all mice are destined to become dentists. But that doesn’t stop Celestine from dreaming of becoming an artist. After being assigned a mission above ground—in the world of bears—Celestine meets Ernest, a big bear, clown, and musician who lives on the fringes of bear society. Ernest welcomes her into his home, challenging established order. But when forces above and below ground discover Ernest and Celestine, their unique friendship is tested. Will the unlikely pair be able to overcome the long-standing divide between mice and bears?


Based on the Belgian book series by Gabrielle Vincent, this charming and beautifully animated film has been a festival favorite around the world.


Forest Whitaker, Mackenzie Foy, Lauren Bacall, Paul Giamatti, William H. Macy, Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman, Jeffrey Wright


Lambert Wilson, Pauline Brunner, Anne-Marie Loop, Patrice Melennec, Brigitte Virtudes, Léonard Louf, Dominique Maurin

Date Theater Buy Tickets
Saturday, March 15, 2014 Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center 1:00 PM (English)
Sunday, March 16, 2014 Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center 1:00 PM (French)
Sunday, March 16, 2014 Park City Library 11:00 AM (English)




Ritter Rost – Eisenhart und voll verbeult

Directed by Thomas Bodenstein

85 min | 2013 | Germany

Presented in English

Travel to the magical kingdom of Scrapland and join Knight Rusty on an exciting adventure in this wonderfully inventive animated film. Rusty, a robot, lives in a ramshackle castle with his horse, Chopper, his trusty dragon, Cole, and his close friend, Damsel Bo. Rusty dreams of winning the upcoming jousting tournament, which would make him a real knight, but just as he is about to achieve his dream, he is accused of theft and sets off on a quest to clear his name. Along the way, he learns the values of loyalty, teamwork and true friendship.

[EXPAND ]Winner: Children’s Jury Prize for Best Animated Feature – 2013 Chicago International Children’s Film Festival; Official Selection – 2013 Cinekid Film Festival Amsterdam; 2014 TIFF Kids Film Festival[/EXPAND]
Date Theater Buy Tickets
Friday, March 14, 2014 Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center 7:00 PM – Sponsors and Waitlist only
Saturday, March 15, 2014 Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center 9:00 AM
Sunday, March 16, 2014 Park City Library 1:00 PM

/// Das kleine Gespenst

Directed by Alain Gsponer

92 min | 2013 | Germany

Presented in German with English subtitles

Join Karl, Hannes, Sophie, and a friendly, but mischievous ghost in this film, which is based on the international best-selling book by Otfried Preussler. The little ghost lives in a castle in Eulenstein and wakes every night for one hour after the clock strikes midnight. The ghost longs to wake in the morning and see the world in the daylight. One day his wish comes true, and he’s excited! However, his presence causes a commotion in town. The only people who are not afraid of the ghost are Karl, Hannes, and Sophie. The three children become friends the ghost, and together they must figure out how to make the ghost wake at midnight again. Will they solve the puzzle before the ghost is captured? Cleverly combining live-action with a CGI ghost, this charming film about the power of friendship and working together is sure to delight children of all ages.

[EXPAND ]Winner: Audience Award – 2013 Schlingel Internationales Film Festival; “Enfants Terribles” Award for Best Feature Film (under 13 years old) – 2013 Gijón Film Festival [/EXPAND]
Date Theater Buy Tickets
Sunday, March 16, 2014 Downtown SLC City Library 12:00 PM
The Wizard of OzErnestAndCelestine660Trailer





Directed by Victor Fleming

102 min / 1939 / USA / Rated PG

Presented in English on 35mm

This August The Wizard of Oz celebrates its 75th birthday. Time has not diminished any of the film’s magic; rather this classic musical fantasy has only become more magical in time. Its beloved qualities have become a testament to the talents of those involved as well as the timelessness of its story.


Yet at the time of its making and original release, The Wizard of Oz was considered a risky venture—with its huge budget and (mostly) unproven and untested stars. Equally controversial was the decision to turn it into a musical, which was met with some skepticism by die-hard fans of the source material, the most recognizable of author L. Frank Baum’s best-selling “Oz” fantasy novel series.However, audiences back then found themselves enraptured by its incredible sights and impossibly catchy songs. Modern audiences continue to do the same, and the film’s “There’s no place like home” message resonates with all of us still.

The Utah Film Center is proud to present, as part of the 2014 Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Children and Youth, a 35mm print of The Wizard of Oz. Come relive the magic, or experience it for the first time.

– Jeff Michael Vice

Date Theater Buy Tickets
Sunday, March 16, 2014 Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center 7:00 PM
Recommended for ages 8+

/// Die Schwarzen Brüder

Directed by Xavier Koller

95 min | 2013 | Germany/Switzerland

Presented in German with English subtitles

Inspired by the experiences of young chimney sweeps in the 19th and early 20th centuries, this thrilling and moving film tells the story of 14-year-old Giorgio and his friends, who call themselves the Black Brothers. With his family facing extreme poverty, Giorgio is sold to the “Man with the Scar” who takes him from his Swiss mountain home to work as a chimney sweep in Milan. Working the narrow soot filled chimneys is very difficult, and life is made even harder when the young sweeps are threatened by a gang of well-off youth called the Wolves. To defend themselves against the Wolves, the sweeps form the Black Brothers, and by working together, set out to put the Wolves in their place, and to seek revenge against the “Man with the Scar.”

[EXPAND ]Filled with adventure and invigorating ups and downs, this film celebrates the power of friendship and the importance of working together to stand up for what is right.

Winner: Best Feature Film in the Junior Competition and Audience Award – 2013 Juniorfest Czech Republic – Festival for Children and Youth; Official Selection – 2013 Zurich Film Festival; 2013 Hamburg Film Festival; 2013 Rio de Janeiro Film Festival[/EXPAND]

Date Theater Buy Tickets
Saturday, March 15, 2014 SLC Main Library 12:00 PM

/// Das Pferd auf dem Balkon

Directed by Hüseyin Tabak

90 min | 2012 | Austria

Presented in German with English subtitles

Meet Mika, a ten-year-old with Asperger’s Syndrome. He loves math, cannot tell a lie, lives with a strict routine, and has difficulty making friends. One night Mika’s life is turned upside-down when, to his astonishment, he sees a horse on his neighbor’s balcony! Wanting to spend time with the horse, Mika discovers it belongs to Sascha, a math teacher who wants to sell the horse to pay off his gambling debts. Mika wants Sascha to keep the animal, and enlists the help of Dana, a girl who thinks the only thing strange about Mika is his fascination with math. Together, the two kids set off on a bold adventure to save the horse and help Sascha out of trouble. This award-winning film and extraordinary tale of friendship reminds us that our differences are what make us special.

[EXPAND ] Winner: Adult Jury Prize for Live-Action Feature – 2013 Chicago International Children’s Film Festival; Official Selection – 2012 Vienna International Children’s Film Festival; 2013 TIFF Kids Film Festival[/EXPAND]
Date Theater Buy Tickets
Sunday, March 16, 2014 SLC Main Library 2:00 PM



Directed by Various

84 min | Various | Multinational

Presented in English

Clever, funny and moving this collection of short films from around the world is a wonderful introduction to the joys of international cinema.


Directed by Duane Anderson

9:00 | 2013 | USA

It’s price versus quality when two suburban American boys set up rival lemonade stands.


Directed by Vito Palmieri

10:00 | 2013 | Italy

You’ll never guess why Matilde is collecting tennis balls in this clever and eye-opening film from Italy.


Directed by Jeff Call

6:40 | 2012 | USA

In this film, created at the BYU Center for Animation, Estefan is the world’s greatest hairdresser. His latest client brings him a unique challenge, but Estefan has not failed a client yet. However, with each unsuccessful attempt, Estefan’s frustration grows and each client’s patience lessens. On the brink of complete failure, Estefan needs a miracle.


Directed by Evan DeRushie

7:35 | 2012 | Canada

A beautifully animated fable about a hungry fox and a cunning chickadee caught in a standoff.


Directed by Ivan Mazza

13:00 | 2012 | Venezuela

At a school in Venezuela, Figueroa, a shy boy, is accidentally pushed into the class bully. The other boys demand a showdown at noon, and Figueroa must decide if he’ll show up for fight or try to avoid the confrontation.


Directed by Karel Janak

14:45 | 2013 | Czech Republic

In this hilarious film from the Czech Republic, we explore whether or not Jirka can stop 3 mischievous mice from carrying out a plan to get even with a cat.


Directed by Simon Pitts

22:45 | 2013 | UK

It’s Joe’s first day at a new school in a remote village. When he misses the bus, Joe begins to run, and discovers that running helps him handle the grief of losing his mother in this uplifting film from the UK.

Date Theater Buy Tickets
Saturday, March 15, 2014 SLC Main Library 2:00 PM

/// Ostwind – Zusammen sind wir frei

Directed by Katja von Garnier

105 min | 2012 | Germany

Presented in German with English subtitles

This moving film tells the story of a special relationship between a 13-year-old girl, Mika, and a skittish horse. Unhappy to be spending the summer at her grandmother’s farm, Mika, a rebellious teen, discovers she has a talent and passion for riding horses. Mika is the only one who can calm Windstorm, a beautiful but nervous horse. Mika wants to ride Windstorm in an upcoming competition, but will she be able to train the unpredictable horse in time? Find out in this wonderful film about a girl who gains self-confidence by discovering, and following, her passion.

[EXPAND ]Winner: Best Children’s Film – 2013 Bavarian Film Awards; Best Director and Best Young Actress – 2013 Munich Film Festival; Official Selection – 2013 Chicago International Children’s Film Festival; 2013 International Children’s Film Festival India; 2014 Providence Children’s Film Festival[/EXPAND]
Date Theater Buy Tickets
Saturday, March 15, 2014 Park City Library 3:00 PM
Sunday, March 16, 2014 Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center 5:00 PM

/// Zipi y Zape y el Club de la Canica

Directed by Oskar Santos

97 min | 2013 | Spain

Presented in Spanish with English subtitles

Two of Spain’s most beloved comic-book characters—Zip and Zap—come to life in this rollicking adventure. With summer coming, the twin brothers are caught stealing the answers to their final exams, so instead of having a fun-filled vacation, Zip and Zap are sent to a strict boarding school run by a no-nonsense headmaster named Falconetti. The school is worse than they could have imagined. Fun is absolutely forbidden, and the suspicious Falconetti and his security guards seem to watch their every move. But that doesn’t stop the brothers from enjoying their summer. After making new friends, they form the Marble Gang, and their ongoing mischief and resistance to authority lead them to discover a mysterious secret—one begging to be solved!

[EXPAND ]This new film from director Óskar Santos explores themes of friendship, courage, and acceptance and is a wonderful addition to the children’s adventure-film genre. Its great performances, engaging special effects, and humorous, fast-paced story are sure both to entertain and to surprise you.[/EXPAND]
Date Theater Buy Tickets
Saturday, March 15, 2014 Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center 5:00 PM
Sunday, March 16, 2014 Park City Library 3:00 PM
Recommended for ages 10+


Directed by Various

46 min | Various | Multinational

Presented in English

Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) is a global initiative of the Adobe Foundation. Designed to ignite young people’s creative confidence by providing a foundation in using advanced digital media tools and tested storytelling techniques, AYV works with youth around the world. This program features nine short films that were produced at AYV partner sites around the world by 13 to 19-year-olds in school and community based settings.

The program also features films produced during the recent AYV Film Camp presented in partnership with Spy Hop and SHIFT.


1:30 /// San Jose, California

A mixed media, non-traditional PSA encouraging people to explore their subconscious and creativity.


9:01 /// San Francisco, California

A series of interviews exploring how teenagers at a Bay Area high school perceive their ethnicities and what role this plays in their identities.


4:00 /// New Delhi, India

This stop motion animation film uses the tortoise and hare parable to tell a story about environmental choices and consequences.


2:37 /// Hayward, California

A powerful film created to convince those who are going through tough times that there is a way through everything.


7:15 /// Yerevan, Armenia

The outskirts of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, are bleak, but 12-year old Arthur is proud of his birthplace and is determined to save a tree.


4:30 /// San Rafael, California

A touching music video where a young boy builds his own city to deal with his loneliness.


1:36 /// San Jose, California

This film shows that together we can solve global community issues.


3:10 /// Toronto, Canada

Using animation and narrative, this film allows viewers to see through the eyes of a homeless person.


12:00 /// Salt Lake City, Utah

Follows a team at the U of U on their journey to qualify for the 2013 “Muggle Quidditch” World Cup [/EXPAND]

Date Theater Buy Tickets
Saturday, March 15, 2014 SLC City Library 4:00 PM


Directed by Roberta Durrant

97 min | 2013 | South Africa

Presented in English

In this uplifting film from South Africa, 14-year-old Felix Xaba must overcome obstacles at home and school in order to fulfill his dreams.

Felix is a talented pennywhistle player who wants to be a jazz saxophonist like his late father, but his mother forbids it, worried it will lead Felix down the wrong path. The right path emerges when Felix is accepted on scholarship to an elite private school. However, because bullies begin picking on him, school is difficult for Felix.  Felix sees the school’s jazz concert as his opportunity to prove himself. Since the school isn’t looking for a pennywhistle player, but a saxophonist, Felix enlists new friends and his father’s old bandmates, and sets out on a quest to learn how to play the saxophone and let his musical talents shine.


Filled with wit and hope, this inspiring film will have you cheering for Felix as he pursues his dreams.

Winner: Best Film – 2013 Filmfest Hamburg; 2013 Lucas International Children’s Film Festival; Best Director – 2013 Africa International Film Festival; Best Children’s Feature Film – 2013 ALE KINO International Young Audience Film Festival; Audience Award – 2013 Durban International Film Festival; Official Selection – 2013 BFI London Film Festival; 2014 Pan African Film Festival Los Angeles

Date Theater Buy Tickets
Sunday, March 16, 2014 Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center 11:00 AM
Recommended for ages 12+


Directed by Various

83 min | Various | Multinational

Presented in TBA

This great collection of short films focuses on girls: their experiences, their strength and their diversity.



Directed by Gavin Laing

10:25 | 2011 | Scotland

Katy dreams of becoming a witch, and after the initial joy of having her wish come true, Katy must figure out how to reverse her spells before it’s too late.


Directed by Steven Caple, Jr.

15:00 | 2013 | USA

Pearl faces a challenge when she needs to make a family tree for a class project, because she has never met her father. So, she sets out on a quest to find him.


Directed by Neal Hartman

14:25 | 2012 | UK & Switzerland

Sarah is bored spending time with her scientist father until a mysterious shopkeeper gives her a puzzle that ignites her fascination with science.


Directed by Siri Rutlin Harildstad

12:45 | 2013 | Norway

With their mother working late one night, Evan decides to scare his younger sister Idunn. However, Idunn isn’t afraid to turn the tables.

Advisory: Some adult language


Directed by Marijn Frank

30:00 | 2012 | The Netherlands

Bente loves to sing, and her strong talent lands her a spot on the television show, The Voice Kids. After appearing on the show, Bente’s life changes—formerly overlooked by other girls, Bente is now popular. This film is a refreshingly honest portrait of a young girl learning to be true to herself.

Date Theater Buy Tickets
Sunday, March 16, 2014 Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center 3:00 PM


Directed by Jean-Michel Dissard, Gitte Peng

93 min | 2013 | USA

English, Spanish, Polish & Urdu with English subtitles

Nearly one in four young people in America are immigrants or are children of immigrants. This engaging documentary follows a year in the life of five immigrant teenagers at NYC’s International High School at Lafayette as they navigate the ups and downs of adolescence, while adjusting to a new life in America. You’ll meet Sing, a refugee from Myanmar who is struggling to learn English; Brandon, who made a perilous journey from Guatemala to reunite with his mother after 10 years apart; Sandra, a tomboy and class leader from Poland and her inseparable best friend, Jennifer from the Dominican Republic; and Itrat, who feels divided between her former life in Pakistan and her new home in America. Filled with humor and honesty, I Learn America is an inspiring look at five vibrant teens who, with the help of supportive teachers and administrators, work to overcome challenges and build a better future in their new land.


Official Selection: 2013 Doc NYC Film Festival; 2013 AFI Docs Film Festival

Date Theater Buy Tickets
Saturday, March 15, 2014 Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center 7:00 PM

De tøffeste gutta

Directed by Christian Lo

74 min | 2013 | Norway

Presented in Norwegian with English subtitles

Advisory: Some adult language

Eleven-year-old Modulf sees himself as a kind superhero who saves other kids at school from being bullied by allowing the tough kids to pick on him instead. Everything changes when Lise, a girl his age, moves in next door. Lise doesn’t see Modulf as a superhero, but instead as a boy being bullied. Lise creates havoc in the ranks and suddenly she is the one who must be saved. Modulf is then forced to face his own situation honestly and do something about it.

[EXPAND ]Winner: Audience Award – 2013 Kristiansand International Children’s film Festival; Children’s Jury Prize – 2013 Nordic Film Days Lübeck; Official Selection – 2013 Cinekid Film Festival Amsterdam, 2013 Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival; 2013 Poznan International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino!; 2014 Portland International Film Festival; 2014 Montreal International Children’s Film Festival[/EXPAND]
Date Theater Buy Tickets
Saturday, March 15, 2014 Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center 3:00 PM
Activities are available from 10:00AM to 7:00PM Saturday and Sunday and are held at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, 138 West Broadway



Activities are available from 10am-7pm Saturday and Sunday>

Drop in anytime – FREE and open to all attendees

LEGO Robotics / Game Table —

Hands-on LEGO Robotics demonstrations are open to all Tumbleweeds Film Festival attendees in the Rose Room, where Zaniac instructors will teach the basics of robotics programming. Are you already a robotics pro? The Game Table will also feature Chess mini-games, Jenga, and more. Play for a prize against a Zaniac instructor, or challenge your family and friends. Zaniac Technology Programs will also be raffled, so be sure to stop by!

Flip Books 

Every animation film begins with a good storyboard. Storyboards help decide how the story will begin and end and how characters will get from here to there. Creating flip books is a great introduction to storyboarding, the basics of storytelling, and moving animation. Spend as much, or as little time as you’d like to create your own flip book story.

Microsoft Gaming Stations Open Saturday and Sunday 10am – 5pm

Attendees are invited to play the latest version of Minecraft on one of Microsoft’s XBOX 360 portable gaming stations. You can also dance your hearts out with JUST DANCE (version 4) with the new XBOX 1 dance station.

Spy Hop Animation Station Open Saturday and Sunday from 11am-5pm. 

Drop in to Spy Hop’s amazing Animation Station to create your own stop motion scene. Explore how your favorite animated films are made by getting up close and personal with cameras and stop motion sets. Robots? Westerns? We’ve got it all and you’ll get a chance to be in front, or behind the camera, whatever you like best!


presented with


Minecraft Workshop —

Join engaging Zaniac instructors for an hour-long Minecraft workshop, where you will plan and design civilizations to explore scientific concepts, all using the world of Minecraft. Have fun playing and building with old and new friends alike! Minecraft workshops take place on Saturday at 2:30pm, and Sunday at 1:00pm and 4:00pm, and are FREE for all!

Register, it’s free!

Computer Programming —

Learn computer-programming skills like sequences, loops, and iterative development—real-world techniques used by all computer programmers. Zaniac instructors will guide your use of a fun and accessible educational programming language called Scratch, developed at MIT. Create your own games and videos, and acquire the tools to continue to learn on your own. Computer Programming workshops take place on Saturday at 1:00pm and 4:00pm, and Sunday at 2:30pm, and are FREE for all!

Register, it’s free!

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