Media Education: 2018 Film Spark Workshops

Film can spark conversation like few other platforms in the classroom can so the Utah Film Center created Film Spark to help teachers with a curriculum that provides structure for discussing important global topics.

Meet Film Spark. Why? 

Because documentary films are powerful, multi-sensory experiences that help students build social and emotional awareness and connect to current events, cultures, crucial social and political issues, and beliefs beyond their own.

Own Film Spark. How? 

Attend a workshop (one of four across the state) where we will play a film, model a study guide, bring in a director of the film you just watched, do a film-related activity, workshop with your students (optional), and leave you with some PD credit and an awesome volume of 12 documentaries accompanied by standards-linked study guides. All totally FREE!

Attend Film Spark. When? 

Your choice of:
1. Logan Cache School District: January 23 (4:00-8:00 pm)
2. Salt Lake City Downtown Main Library: March 3 (9am-1 pm) in conjunction with the Tumbleweeds Film Festival (send your kid(s) to a movie that Saturday and you enjoy our workshop!)
3. Montezuma Whitehorse High: March 5 (3:30-5:30 pm)
4. Moab Star Hall: March 6 (8:30am-12:30pm)

*We are looking for 3 and more teacher teams from schools grades 6-12 and have 24 Film Spark volumes to pass out. Book your team today by contacting Rick Wray at rwray@utahfilmcenter.org.

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