1. Due to varying venue sizes and popularity for different screenings, our seating policy for members and patrons is first come, first seated. For evening screenings at The City Library and the Rose Wagner, Utah Film Center members have access to priority seating from 6:20pm-6:40 pm before the venue opens to all patrons at 6:40 pm. To become a Utah Film Center member, for as little as $60 a year ($5/month), visit our membership page HERE. Each Utah Film Center member is permitted to bring one guest, or three with a family membership, as a benefit. Patrons who are in need of accessible seating (ADA) may also enter during the priority seating window.

2. In the event of a screening reaching capacity, all guests must be in their seats 5 minutes prior to the film start time. Any patrons saving seats past this time will be asked to relinquish their seats to accommodate guests already present and ready to be seated.

3. Should anyone need to exit the auditorium, without relinquishing their seat, a Utah Film Center staff member will stamp your hand for re-entry.

4. Standing or sitting on the floor, or in the aisles, is not permitted at any venues due to fire code restrictions. Additional seating cannot be added. Once every existing seat is filled, the screening has reached capacity and the doors will be closed.

5. If you arrive after the film has begun, a Utah Film Center staff member can assist identifying empty seats.

6. All photography and videography are strictly prohibited during the film.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we implement these policies. We constantly seek to make your movie-going experience an amazing one! And as always, we appreciate your support of our mission to inspire and engage diverse audiences to initiate conversation and community building through curated film exhibition, educational programs, and artist support!

These screening policies pertain to our free year-round programming, not for our annual Damn These Heels LGTBQ Film Festival and Tumbleweeds Film Festival For Kids.