Artist Foundry: Expanding Artist Support

Films Won’t You Be My NeighborStepWe the Animals, and The Hunting Ground; artists Frederick Wiseman, Amy Ziering and Kirby Dick; and local filmmakers Jenny Mackenzie and Tyler Measom are some of the many supported through our Fiscal Sponsorship program. The program has supported over 120 films and filmmakers, including twenty-three Sundance Film Festival premieres, and building on the program’s success we knew we wanted to do more to support incredible stories.

Film is an important part of our State’s fabric and Utah has talented film graduates coming out of the University of Utah, BYU, UVU, and Salt Lake Community College. A recent analysis by SmartAsset stated that Salt Lake City is the best place in America for creative people to live and we want to ensure that filmmakers have the resources to tell their stories right here in Salt Lake City.

We are excited to announce our newest initiative, Artist Foundry, a creative venue for filmmakers that furthers our mission by expanding resources for artists and providing a space for community and creativity.  Started by Dallin and Jacquelyn Cerva in 2015 as Avrec Art House, Utah Film Center’s Artist Foundry will be lead by Dallin under the guidance of our Director of Programming and Artist Services Patrick Hubley. The space will offer editing bays, workshops, meeting rooms, and most importantly, a collaborative work environment with other passionate artists.

Join us on the evening of Friday, September 21 for an Open House to view the space during the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll. All are welcome! More details to come.

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